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NGLHRC uses various avenues in its fight for equality, dignity and freedom for Kenya's LGBTIQ community. Among them is civic education that helps promote inclusion for LGBTIQ individuals and empowers their agency.

With increased civic education, NGLHRC increases the ability of LGBTIQ individuals to self-represent before police and other state agents; encourages citizen power to demand respect for rights; and encourages civic participation through voting, running for office, or demanding accountability from appointed and elected officials.


Since 2013, NGLHRC has been conducting annual civic education and paralegal trainings targeting sexual and gender minorities across Kenya. We have successfully reached over 1, 500 LGBTIQ Kenyans and trained more than 500 paralegals through our programme.

Through our civic education and paralegal trainings, we are able to:

  • Enhance access to justice and bring to life the constitutional right of public participation of LGBTIQ Kenyans
  • Increase effective reporting, documentation and referrals within the national LGBTIQ movement 
  • Develop a robust list of LGBTIQ paralegals and allies who are able to directly respond to legal distress on the ground and make referrals to NGLHRC where our intervention is needed